German and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Law



 German and U.S. Immigration Law

As part of our immigration practice, we represent international and domestic companies and individuals seeking work permits, legal residency, or citizenship in the United States and Germany. Our practice focuses primarily on employment-based immigration matters for business and professional workers and family-based immigration. Our clients include multinational corporations, medium-sized and growing businesses as well as individuals.

U.S. Immigration Law

We advise our clients regarding qualification requirements for professionals, managers, aliens of extraordinary ability or national interest, treaty traders and investors and immigrant investors. In most cases, foreign national require a visa to enter the United States. There are two categories of U.S. visas: nonimmigrant and immigrant. Nonimmigrant visasare for people with permanent residence outside the U.S. but who wish to be in the U.S. for a temporary period of time. U.S. law requires that those who apply for nonimmigrant visas offer evidence that they don’t intend to immigrate to the United States. Visa officers at U.S. embassies and consulates have complete discretion in determining visa eligibility. Because each person’s personal situation is different, people applying for the same visa may be asked different questions and be required to submit different documents. Under U.S. law, the authority to approve or deny a visa rests solely with the consular officers. These officers have complete discretion in determining the sufficiency of the documentation submitted in support of a visa application. Officers may request additional information or documentation depending on their assessment of each individual’s situation. Common examples of Non-immigrant Visa Categories are: Temporary Workers (H, L, O, P, E), Students (F-1, J-1, M-1), and Visitors (B-1, B-2). Immigrant visas are for people who wish to be in the U.S. permanently. These visas are also known as "Green Cards." Permanent Resident Visas (Green Cards) are available in several different categories. Beneficiaries must have a relative or potential employer apply for them. For details please contact us. You can also find information on the website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 

German Immigration Law

Our German immigration attorneys advise our clients, who are planning to live and work in Germany on visa and residence requirements and other related issues. We also assist in making arrangements for our client's spouses and other family members travelling with them to Germany. For information on German visas you can also visit the website of the German Missions in the United States

German and U.S. Naturalization Law - including German-U.S. Dual Citizenship

Application for dual citizenship and the Beibehaltungsgenehmigung

We advise our individual clients on their possibility to obtain U.S. citizenship and German citizenship and apply for citizenship. If you are German and willingly apply for U.S. citizenship and obtain it, your German citizenship is automatically lost. Loss of citizenship can be avoided by obtaining a Retention Certificate (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung) before you are naturalized in the U.S. or another foreign country.  We assist our clients in obtaining the Beibehaltungsgenehmigung and file the application with the German government followed by the application for naturalization (Form N-400) with USCIS.

Application for German citizenship and reinstatement of German citizenship (Wiedereinbürgerung)

We also advise our clients on how to obtain German citizenship (Einbürgerung) or reinstate lost German citizenship (Wiedereinbürgerung).

Claims under Article 116 (2) of the German Basic Law (Grundgesetz)

Furthermore, we handle naturalization claims under Art 116 (2) of the German Basic Law. Under certain requirements the German Basic Law allows former German citizens who were deprived of their citizenship on political, racial, or religious grounds between January 30, 1933 and May 8, 1945, to reinvoke German citizenship. This also applies to their descendants. We assist our clients with the application process and work closely with the German Missions in the U.S. and the Bundesverwaltungsamt in Germany.

Other Services:

German Inheritance Law: We assist our clients with their German inheritance matters.

German Pension Benefits: We assist our clients regarding their collection of pension payments in Germany.

Legal Translations: We provide legal translations from German into English and English into German.

Our Clients

Our firm represents a broad range of clients both individually and corporately, based in New York, the United States, Germany, France and other countries. We represent companies in a variety of industries. Some examples include: restaurants needing managers to manage their business or chefs to run their kitchen; electronic manufacturing companies needing CEOs and other executives to direct the business; car manufacturers needing technicians or other workers; computer consulting companies needing systems analysts or other IT workers; actors and photographers to name just a few. Our firm can also assist graduating students with their first work visa (H-1B) or visitors who want to extend their tourist visas for an additional period of time (B-1/B-2).